Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Endless Melt unveils its first release for 2013, a new cassette from Tasmanian mainlanders, Cross Brothers (siblings Daniel and Patrick Cross). 'Live at Rat Palace' documents a recent performance at the artist run space in their former hometown of Hobart. Devolving the audience's collective ear with thirty minutes of unraveling guitar munge, punctuated by unwound anti-rhythms at every turn. Imagine Dead C playing free jazz or Masayuki Takayanagi's New Direction Unit following its most self destructive urges. 'Live at Rat Palace' follows Cross Brothers on a descent into vertical nihilism, plenty of horrors escaping their twin six stringers before settling in the void.

Tapes available at the show. Edition of 25.

Inevitable Orbit (Hi God People's Julian Williams - flying the popfreak flag)

Cross Brothers (Live at Rat Palace, tape launch)

People Person (Super arpeggiated mind trickery duo, members of Snawklor & The French)

Matt Middleton (The Aesthetics/Crude/NZ transplanter of perspicacity)

8pm. Quick be the feet that run to mischief //

 Live at Rat Palace, Hobart TAS

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