Tuesday, July 26, 2011



An Eventual History of Longue Durées

Endless Melt presents Goodgrief Commune’s debut release An Eventual History of Longue Durées: a punk-primitive free-noise triple cassette documenting the Melbourne via Tasmania faux-skronk aesthetic in all its harmonically oversaturated glory. Evidence of many inner-city days spent indoors, hitting record on a found cassette recorder, exuding shambolic sonics to be captured on a stack of found cassette tapes; and rolling till the spools ground to a halt. The results were crudely spliced together, bound up in a monstrous collection, and are now available by masquerading as an album.

An Eventual History captures a polyphony of mutant heart-wrenchers and hissed-out freeform beauty – if you can hear it amongst the scree, clatter and clang.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Snawklor, Melbourne International Jazz Festival

2010's festival within a festival, Overground, was an astonishing success; with hundreds packing the Town Hall in a day-long celebration of Melbourne's underground creative music culture.

This year, Overground returns for another history-making, multi-stage concert featuring a spectacular line-up of some of the most celebrated creative and improvisational artists in the world, including many collaborations exclusive to this Festival event.

Taking over the many lost spaces of the Melbourne Town Hall, Overground is an event where new sounds can be heard at the moment of invention, as the outer reaches of jazz and improvisation are explored by collaborating musicians. The extraordinary line-up of distinguished international guests includes Tony Conrad, Charlemagne Palestine, Yoshida Tatsuya and many more...

This six-hour, multi-stage mini-festival is a truly unrepeatable event showcasing Melbourne's underground music culture. Step in and be a part of its history!

Overground 2011 Artist Collaborations (listed in order of performance time):

Oren Ambarchi (guitar)
Charlemagne Palestine (USA - grand organ)

Yoshida Tatsuya (Japan - drums)
Satoko Fujii (Japan - piano)

Zond (psych rock)
Nick Tammens (guitar/electronics)
Marco Fusinato (guitar/electronics)

Jim Denley (Sydney - saxophone)
xNOBBQx (Sydney / Brisbane noise rock)

Scott Tinkler (trumpet)
Oscar Noriega (USA - saxophone)
James Rushford (viola)

Charlemagne Palestine (USA - electronics)

Joe Talia (percussion)
Brian Ritchie (USA - shakuhachi)
Mary Halvorson (USA - guitar)
Rosalind Hall (prepared saxophone)

Blank Realm (Brisbane - psych rock)
Andrew Tuttle (Brisbane - banjo / electronics)

Will Guthrie (Aus /France - percussion)
Cured Pink (Brisbane - industrial)

Tim Berne (USA - Saxophone)
Anthony Pateras (piano)
Gareth Thompson (drums)

Jim Denley (Sydney - saxophone)
Alex Garsden (guitar)
Natasha Anderson (recorder)
Ches Smith (USA - drums)

Shags Chamberlain (synth)
Laurence Pike (Sydney - drums)
Jean-Hervé Péron (Germany, Faust)

Yoshida Tatsuya (Japan - drums)
Clayton Thomas (Aus/Germany - double bass)
Lloyd Honeybrook (saxophone)
Angus Leslie (guitar)

Skyneedle (Brisbane - homemade instruments)
Snawklor (shamans)

Nekrasov (Black Metal)

Chris Abrahams (Syd)(piano)
Tim O’Dwyer (Singapore/AUS)(saxophone)
Sophia Brous (voice)
Judith Hamann (cello)

Snake Oil:
Tim Berne (USA, saxophone)
Matt Mitchell (USA, piano)
Ches Smith (USA, drums)

Will Guthrie (Aus /France - percussion)
Lucas Abela (Syd) (glass)
Emma Albury (voice)

Rully Shabara (Indonesia - voice)
Wukir Suryad (Indonesia - bamboo instruments)

Golden Fur (strings/ electronics)
Satoko Fujii (JPN) (piano)
Darren Moore (Singapore/AUS) (drums)

Fabulous Diamonds (synths / percussion) vs.
Naked on the Vague (Syd) (synths / guitar / percussion / voice)

Matt Mitchell (USA - piano)

Sean Baxter (percussion)
Jerome Noetinger (FRA) (electronics / tapes)
Faust (GER) (assorted instruments, noise)

Tony Conrad (USA - violin)
Chris Abrahams(piano)

Roamers and Installation artists

Hi God People (mobile version)

Keptis (Brisbane - kinetic noise scultpure)

Rod Cooper (medicine show)

Vijay Thillaimuthu (video sculpture)

Bum Creek (intervention)

Public Assembly / Anthony Magen (intervention)

Troy Naumoff (guitar)

Ren Walters (guitar)

Clinton Green (turntable installation)

Radio Cegeste

Kusum Normoyle (Sydney - vocals)

Fabio Umberto (disco)


Monday, May 16, 2011

Actuel Holes // Monday Night Mass

free. every week. avant-garde. free jazz. psychedelia. 
tape loops. found sound. out rock. bad vibes. great dope.




Free entry. 8pm
Monday 30 May 2011
Northcote Social Club

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The French, JKFX, Barrage, Actual Holes

The French
Actual Holes
Rear View Gallery
8PM Friday, March 25th

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Drunk Elk, Lakes, Repairs, Snawklor

Drunk Elk (TAS)

Yah Yah's.
99 Smith Street, Fitzroy.
Saturday March 12th
Doors 8:30.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Marco Fusinato, Full Fucking Moon and Snawklor

Marco Fusinato
Full Fucking Moon (NZ/GMY)
w/ DJ Joel Monohand

The Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood
Thursday, March 10 at 9:00pm

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snawklor at Agaves de Marco

Snawklor perform at Dylan Martorell's Agaves de Marco exhibition, Gertrude Contemporary.

Thug Quota
(Front gallery)
Hi God People
Julian Williams
(Studio 12)
26 February 2011
@ Gertrude Contemporary

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Snawklor: In the year 2525

In the year 2525, installation view at Utopian Slumps, 2011.

Closing party for Nathan Gray's In the year 2525 exhibition 

Mof Far Far Rah
Julian Williams
20 February 2011
@ Utopian Slumps

Thursday, January 6, 2011


The Wire's Byron Coley ranks the Rubbish Throwers 7" in his best-of chart for 2010 ('Rewind', January 2011). Sure, he makes a typo along the way but what the hell. This is as good a time as any to mention that the RT-7" was originally titled Tapeworms but the vinyl factory put the wrong labels on.

I'm not sure who bothers to sift through lists like this, so I've made it easy for you. A bunch of Australian stuff creeping in here, Rubbish Throwers, Super Wild Horses, Go Genre Everything and Exiles from Clowntown (who I highly recommend checking out). And it's worth sifting all the way through to Weyes Bluhd because that is some killer stuff right there:

April in the Orange
The Bent Moustache/Shrug
Jac Berrocal & Andrew Liles
Exiles from Clowntown
Go Genre Everything
Stefano Pilia
Rubbish (Throwers)
Super Wild Horses
JG Thirwell & Fred Bigot
Various (Solo Guitar)/Winebox Press
Weyes Bluhd


Thanks to Steven at UK's Elevator Press for the kind words. There's only a small handful of these tapes left, you can grab a copy over at www.endlessmelt.com
If you just want the audio, you can find that here.