Thursday, January 6, 2011


The Wire's Byron Coley ranks the Rubbish Throwers 7" in his best-of chart for 2010 ('Rewind', January 2011). Sure, he makes a typo along the way but what the hell. This is as good a time as any to mention that the RT-7" was originally titled Tapeworms but the vinyl factory put the wrong labels on.

I'm not sure who bothers to sift through lists like this, so I've made it easy for you. A bunch of Australian stuff creeping in here, Rubbish Throwers, Super Wild Horses, Go Genre Everything and Exiles from Clowntown (who I highly recommend checking out). And it's worth sifting all the way through to Weyes Bluhd because that is some killer stuff right there:

April in the Orange
The Bent Moustache/Shrug
Jac Berrocal & Andrew Liles
Exiles from Clowntown
Go Genre Everything
Stefano Pilia
Rubbish (Throwers)
Super Wild Horses
JG Thirwell & Fred Bigot
Various (Solo Guitar)/Winebox Press
Weyes Bluhd

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