Wednesday, October 6, 2010


SOFT FUTURE (featuring members of Zond, Snawklor, Panel Of Judges, Hi God People, and Das Butcher) play HELLO DARKNESS HALLOWEEN PARTY at warehouse 127 A'Beckett St, Melbourne CBD, Saturday 30th Oct. Kicks off 9pm, SOFT FUTURE on 11pm. Shower. Dress. Come.


Halloween celebrations are generally for Americanised Gen Z:ers (or iGeners) trick or treatin' to terrorist paranoids and climate skeptics (aka righteous-nostalgic baby boomers). VERY UNAUSTRALIAN! Why not let go of all your pre-Halloween jitters at Rear View Gallery instead? Get loose and avoid horrible venue-style events featuring 5+ awful bands. Celebrate by seizing your last chance to see 'Scandostralian' conceptual dance 'outfit' PISSYPAW before half of it returns home to the lands of Fire and Ice; AOI will be rollin' with the proverbial 'homies' via rhythmz'n'beatz; Fatti Francis will be bringing more o'da wigger vibes. See also: Close Shave Kreme (33.3% of Bum Creek), pop-rapist Jonny Telafone, and Actual Holes (the latest project of jazz-savant Duncan Blachford from Snawklor). Dress code: Camo, double-tie-dye, water-proof pants and/or anything from Ministry of Style. - DGR

Where: Rear View Gallery, rear of 244 Smith St, Collingwood
When: Fri Oct 29, doors 8.30pm
How much: $6