Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Halloween celebrations are generally for Americanised Gen Z:ers (or iGeners) trick or treatin' to terrorist paranoids and climate skeptics (aka righteous-nostalgic baby boomers). VERY UNAUSTRALIAN! Why not let go of all your pre-Halloween jitters at Rear View Gallery instead? Get loose and avoid horrible venue-style events featuring 5+ awful bands. Celebrate by seizing your last chance to see 'Scandostralian' conceptual dance 'outfit' PISSYPAW before half of it returns home to the lands of Fire and Ice; AOI will be rollin' with the proverbial 'homies' via rhythmz'n'beatz; Fatti Francis will be bringing more o'da wigger vibes. See also: Close Shave Kreme (33.3% of Bum Creek), pop-rapist Jonny Telafone, and Actual Holes (the latest project of jazz-savant Duncan Blachford from Snawklor). Dress code: Camo, double-tie-dye, water-proof pants and/or anything from Ministry of Style. - DGR

Where: Rear View Gallery, rear of 244 Smith St, Collingwood
When: Fri Oct 29, doors 8.30pm
How much: $6

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