Friday, May 18, 2012


Monday Night Mass. Free.

The killer BONE play their first show for 2012, before they disappear again for a while by the sounds of it. CHECK THEM OUT WHILE YOU CAN.

BONE is an Australian post-hardcore band formed in Perth in 2006. They have a raw, noisy, groove based sound that has been compared to early 90's noise rock bands like Shellac and The Jesus Lizard, as well as more contemporary 'math' acts like Battles and Oxes.

SNAWKLOR is a decade long musical collaboration between visual artists Dylan Martorell and Nathan Gray. Snawklor as a duo make improvised electro acoustic music and sound installation with whatever is at hand exotic instruments, field recordings, toys and electronics. As a trio with Duncan Blachford on drums they explore the possibilities available only in louder volumes.

RATSAK is a new band featuring Mark Groves (True Radical Miracle/Dead Boomers, Harriet Hudson (Circle Pit/Downtown), Kirk Scotcher (Kromosom/Bloody Hammer), and Jared Styles (Flesh Word/The Zingers).

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