Thursday, December 23, 2010


"Blinds is a mood piece of brutalising and enervating denseness: the droning feedback of the twenty-plus minute ‘Drunk Hands Make Love’ hangs thick in the air, lolling like smoke at the top of a room; the drum beat of ten-plus minute ‘Sojourn of the Psyche’ doesn’t shift for its duration, waiting like a senile old man for a bus that never comes. Only the guitars move – and they wriggle and shift with all the limber action of Rowland S. Howard after a cup of coffee, snaking around surf figures and post-punk grooves. Blinds is a radical exercise in stasis. Dark, deep and unforgiving, it’s an invitation to black moods." - Mess+Noise

This is an album I recorded during 2005 and released early the next year. The limited release sold out long ago, so upon discovering friends at the now defunct net-label FauxFetus have created an archive of their catalogue, I thought I'd post a link to download the album.

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