Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Rubbish Throwers - Tapeworms 7"

Rubbish Throwers - Tapeworms 7" EP
Deep and dark sub-industrial banging and swirling. Title cuts sounds like a satanic Swell Maps. Total deadman post-punkrock clang. "Weak Eyelids" is the Antipodean answer to Lamps, but without any of Monty's good-naturedness. Out of step rhythm-n-burl. B-Side has a atmospheric droner backed with an explosive Gordons-like banger called "Willworker". Heavy and dark stuff from Melbourne via Tasmania, highly recommended, with members of Miniature Submarines and Actual Holes and links to The Stabs if you need to do a background check before buying. For fans of the Parts Unknown aesthetic and that new Deaf Wish LP. Scum stats: 150 copies only, jeeezus...
--Terminal Boredom (USA)

Rubbish Throwers - Tapeworms (7" EP)
Lead-off ‘Tape Worms’ is turbulent and primordial, all blown-out drums, bullying bass, and guitar that alternately stabs, screeches, and bristles ... Hungry, mean, and mysterious. Play it enough times for the vinyl to begin to degrade and you’d be hard pressed to hear any difference in this inky ruckus.
--Cyclic Defrost (AUS)

Rubbish Throwers, Heavy Airplay on WFMU:


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